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Alice Wonder

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Hi, I'm a Linux guy and have been since 1998 - before then I was a maclot.

I'm trying to understand (damnit - I can't put a link because I'm new - try searching for [Plan to automatically configure user accounts in Outlook 2010] article on the technet sub domain of MS website)

The goal being to provide auto-configuration to e-mail clients that make use of that.

For my incoming mail servers (Dovecot) -

POP3 on 110 always requires STARTTLS
POP3 on 995 is encrypted from the start
IMAP on 143 always requires STARTTLS
IMAP on 993 is encrypted from the start.

With the Thunderbird autoconfiguration, there is a specific STARTTLS option that is different from SSL - but on the Outlook autoconfiguration page, there is an SSL node but no STARTTLS.

Does outlook assume STARTTLS if SSL set to on for ports 110 and 143 or is there some way to indicate specifically that STARTTLS is needed opposed to encryption from the start?

I'm also confused by the DomainRequired and DomainName options described on the Outlook autoconfiguration page. Is that for Windows Domains (in which case I can ignore it) or is it referring to domains that are part of the Internet Domain Name System?

Thanks for any assistance.

Alice Wonder

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To clarify the STARTTLS question -

There are three ways clients talk to a mail server. Plain text, start plain text but starttls before any credentials submitted, and ssl/tls from the start.

But from the MS technet page on auto-configuration I only see way to indicate plain text or ssl - which is why I'm wondering how one distinguishes between starttls and tls from the beginning.