Windows Vista Panda Internet Secuirty 2009


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Jan 12, 2009
I've had Panda for a few months now and recently upgraded to Windows 7. Now when my computer starts up I get a runtime error that it can't be opened, and doing it manually tells me I need to reinstall it. So I reinstalled it, and Panda told me the OS wasn't compatible, makes sense but is there a way around this or am I going to have to degrade?
would be interesting if theres a workaround ... I recently bought eset smart security and the firewall stopped working on w7. antivirus works fine ...
try using avg antivirus for the time being as it is a free solution and as good and if not better than purchased copies.
I've almost cracked this one - I set the installer exe file for Vista Compatability Mode (it took some number of tries to convince W7 that it had been uninstalled first!)

After starting for the first time only "Vunerabilities" protection was Green.

I went through all the .exe files I could find in the Panda install directory and changed the all to Vista compatability mode for all users (button at the bottom of the properties page for each exe)

The only two things that still don't seem to operate are the Firewall protection and automatic updates - although I can manually update.

Hope this helps......:)

Definitely a fan of Panda though - 7 years and to date never a problem......
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