Partition / Hard Drive Deleting

Hi, I need some help with this.. 'situation' I'm in :D

What I want to do: Completely erase EVERYTHING on Disk 0, the ~298GB drive (i.e. Format it).

Windows won't let me :(.

Now from what I know, it won't let me because Disk 0 is the Primary Partition, and Disk 1 is an Extended Partition.
Disk 0 has XP 32-bit on it, which I want to get rid of. Disk 1 I want to KEEP because it has Windows 7 64-bit and all my important files and stuff on it.

I've been reading around some other forums / posts and from what I gather, I need to make Disk 1 my primary partition. How do I do that?

Also, that "System" label on Disk 0, I hope that doesn't mean there's Windows 7 System files on it. If it does, what would I do to make Disk 1 the "System" drive?

A picture of what my Disk Manager looks like is attached, you probably won't be able to help much without taking a look at it


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Download the GParted ISO file and boot into it.

You can perform all kinds of operations.
Great tool!

Download here:
GParted -- Download

If you don't create or format all partitions, you can do that in Disk Management.

I tried disconnecting Disk 0 from my computer then starting it up, and neither Windows 7 or XP will boot. So I'm assuming Windows 7 put some (or all) of it's boot/system files on Disk 0.

I also downloaded GParted and it doesn't do what I am trying to do.

I want to make Disk 1 the "Primary Partition" and put the boot/system files on Disk 1 so I can remove Disk 0 and Windows 7 will still boot / work properly.


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In GParted, just select all hard drives and delete them and start over making your own partitions on each disk.

You don't need to make Disk 1 your primary partition.

In fact it's usually Disk0

but then I would lose all my data on Disk 1, wouldn't I?


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Yes it would.

Is the operating system now installed on Disk1?

Yes, the Windows 7 was installed on Disk 1.

However, I have ended up sorting this whole thing out. I put all my files on the 300GB drive, removed it (physically) from my computer, erased the 1TB Hard drive, reinstalled Windows 7. Then I put the 300GB one back in, moved all my files back and formatted the 300GB one. Now all my system / boot files are on the 1TB hard drive and the 300GB one is solely for storage.:D


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glad you got it.

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