Windows 7 Password Issue after update [keyboard layout switcher not accessible from login]


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May 30, 2009
I made my password in Cyrillic [Russian] characters, so when I sign in I have to switch my keyboard layout [it was a little button in the top left with an EN for english and RU for russian] before I enter my password, after installing a few optional updates, the keyboard switcher is no longer at the top left of my login screen, so I am unable to log in....

Any solutions?
I don't know which version you have but build 7127 did not have the language options. They are back with build 7137 but you will have to go to Control Panel > Region and Language. Click on Keyboards > Change Keyboards. On the Language Bar tab you can choose where you want the switcher to be.
Hmmm well last I checked I had 7100 but that update I did might have wiped them, problem is I cant access anything, so anything to do with the control panel isnt gonna work :confused:

I think I might just have to wipe it, Moblin looks good, I just didnt want to have to redo all my settings
I'm not an expert but you might try starting in safe mode and choosing last known good configuration. Its possible that the show language bar might be unchecked in the language bar.
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