Windows 10 how to stop windows from requesting password every 10 seconds

Aug 31, 2022
Ok so I know we have to be safe but really I'm on a desktop in my own home why do i need to enter a password every other keystroke
I have just logged in password entry 1 I then open chrome and chrome needs me to login but wont autofill so I go to saved passwords password entry 2 (windows not chrome ) I then scroll down see two entry's for the same site click view password -password entry 3 starting to get annoyed so i mistype enter again -password entry 4
then I want to view second entry guess what password entry 5 - even more annoyed mistype again entry 6 I'm now fuming and my blood pressure is rising mistype again now to be honest I struggled not to put my fist straight through the monitor
why is this necessary all this is within 4 mins of first log in and seconds between request 4 and 5 what the hell does Microsoft think has changed in seconds i couldnt even get out my chair in the time between requests let alone leave the room and a burglar break in to view my highly sensitive passwords that could change the course of life as we know it if got into the wrong hands

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone give me a simple guide on how to make my computer abide by common sense if I enter my password I don't need to enter it over and over how do i stop it before i lose my self control and drop kick it like the hp printer i had that needed a cable to connect to WIFI but not supplied with it WTH

Windows itself should only ask you for a single password to login. Any services you have may prompt you for a password depending how the account is configured. For anything web based I'd recommend a password manager which will require you to only remember one strong password and let you generate random strong password for all your accounts and also allows you to auto fill them easily while remaining secure

Thanks neemobeer
I've calmed down a bit now! the problem i have since i got a dose of the virus last Christmas my memory is terrible -its getting better at first id forget what i was doing as i was doing it now i can walk to the shop and remember one or two things my reluctance to allowing a single program store everything is if i forget that password for instance apple strong passwords i recently dropped my phone broke and lost access to everything
so I really want to remove unneeded passwords the chrome one i mentioned is a windows security pop up not a google request its windows security asking for windows or Microsoft account login can this be disabled as i said its a desktop in my home we work from home and its rare that we are not home at least one of us anyway

Windows can store credentials including those for websites. If it keeps popping up I would wager the password saved is incorrect. If you go into the control panel > credential manager any saved creds should be here. If you want you can just remove them all and start fresh