Windows 10 Can't remove password from laptop


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After many attempts I still can't remove the start-up password from my laptop. Its a password with complex requirements (like AAAaaa1234@$%^#) that needs to be changed every 2 months. That's way too much trouble just for editing bird pictures on this old machine and annoying to use for others (wife). Can I remove the password from Windows 10 Home (version 21H1)?

I tried switching to a local account via the configuration panel. I followed the steps, successfully log in on my live account again, then fill in new account name and password (blank), after which I get the error message that the password length doesnt meet requirements for this device.

I tried running secpol.msc from the console but got an error message for missing that. I then downloaded gpedit.msc to finally get access to the account security settings in the registry. But all password requirements are turned off already! Account policy, local policy,

Then I tried switching to a local account again, but still the password length is an issue.

So what is it? My register says there's no restriction, but windows says a local account needs at least a certain length.