Pasword problem - ALT key

Today I set a pasword to my computer, with some letter from Latvian language. I should press ALT+a to get "ā"...

Everything was working fine, until now..
Now when I try to type in password at welcome screen, the ALT button doesn't work - I simply can't get my symbol and I don't know why...

What should I do? :(


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101 Alt-X does it in Windows (the numbers 1 0 1 followed by Alt and x together). I don't know whether this works in the password. I don’t dare to check it, but will keep my fingers crossed.


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You can also try to boot in save mode: press F8 several times during the power up sequence. Than you will see startup options, select Save Mode. Startup will take a long time, with all kind of messages, but eventually you will get a change to select a user. If you are lucky you will see a new user Administrator, try that one without password. Change back the password of your account.

Hope this will do the trick

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