PC Constantly Restarts Immediately After Shutdown??

Every night I go to shut down my computer. But as soon as it seems to be finished powering down, the system restarts immediately. I have tried disabling automatic restart, but it doesn't seem to be a BlueScreen error issue, as I am not getting any BlueScreens.

Another possibly related issue is my video card. Whenever I wake up from sleep or hibernation, no matter how long, the card crashes after less than 10 minutes and the screen freezes within a few seconds. I have to restart my computer to resume activity.

I checked Event Viewer and here are the errors/warnings I found recently:
WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully stopped.
The NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service service has reported an invalid current state 0.
The MgiSvr service has reported an invalid current state 32.
Initialization failed because the driver device could not be created. Use the string "4061862BAB6B" to identify the interface for which initialization failed. It represents the MAC address of the failed interface or the Globally Unique Interface Identifier (GUID) if NetBT was unable to map from GUID to MAC address. If neither the MAC address nor the GUID were available, the string represents a cluster device name. (I always get this message twice in a row)
Name resolution for the name Magazine Alternatif et Underground, Sex, Drug, Geek and rock'n'roll! timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded. (the name varies with each occurrence)
ALL of these errors/warnings repeat at least once or twice a day. I also used to get a dynamic link library error, but I deleted a registry value and that problem went away. (I also haven't got a blue screen since then)

Still, the problem of shutting down my computer persists. Strangely, I can usually shut down the computer, wait for it to restart, and shut it down again and that works. I have no explanation to why.

Please look @ my profile for any specs you need; they should be there. If you can't find it or something, let me know and I will post it here for you.

Anyone, Anyone? - Ben Stein


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Are you able to boot in safe mode? If so, do that, then open Device Manager and uninstall the drivers for your graphics card, (also check off "Delete the software for this driver" if such box is displayed, reboot in normal mode and see what happens.

check the performance event viewer in the action center for bad drivers/many entries of the same driver.

try driver sweeper to clean out graphics driver debris - then install again


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Hi HG,
when you first installed 7, did you perform a 'clean install' or did you upgrade from say.... xp?

when I deleted that registry entry, I must have fixed the sleep problem (it hasn't showed up since I started using sleep once again). But the shutdown problem still persists.

I have already reinstalled my video card. That did nothing.

Windows 7 was installed cleanly on this hard drive and I wiped the secondary clean before using it as the backup.

I will try uninstalling my graphics driver again and test the shutdown. It may take a while before any symptoms actually show up. I am able to shut it down properly after the first try restarts.


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