PC running Windows 7 64bit Pro reboots on its own


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Need so help to troubleshoot this issue I'm facing.
I'm not too sure what's the caused but every now and then my pc reboots by itself.

Especially when viewing streaming videos online. But it doesnt seems to happen when I'm playing games.. Please advise how do I go about troubleshooting this??

I attached a mini dump file that i found after my pc startup.



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If it only happens with streaming videos, maybe you could start by pinning down exactly what types of videos cause the problem. Do you run any special software to view the videos?

Does it happen if you download a large file that is not video?

Sounds like something is causing some type of conflict or memory problem on your system.

Check the event viewer to see if anything is showing as an error or warning around the time of the shutdowns.

Are you getting blue screens or is the thing just powering down?


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Mostly I was watching anime online via my web browsers.
Did not use any specified software to watch.

Usually it either reboots or just power down which only an amber light lit on my casing light. In this case I need to press the restart button to start my pc.
No blue screen.

Also I always get this in my event viewer after my pc reboots.

The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:


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You can check for StarOpen on the web, but I found this. It seems it might be related to your online experiences.

Can you use msconfig.exe to keep it from loading at boot?
Dun really have any related software that u mentioned...
This is really puzzling..