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I'm new to Widows7 and now after 3 weeks the PC starts up in the middle of the night, the only way I can stop it is to turn off the power point. I've been looking at all sorts of things in the 3 weeks and I must have ticked the wrong box somewhere. Can anyone give me a clue where to look to fix the problem.


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Do u put it to sleep or do u shut it down completely? If in BIOS you have wake on LAN enabled, network activity can cause it to wake from sleep. If its a shutdown, the only think that can do that is power management that is enabled to wake up the system at a specific point that is very common with dell systems.

Often this can be enabled by default & the time could be on 0300, off 0300 & think thats ok as it wont boot up like you would with the heating system timer but a system cant shut itself down from the BIOS so it would just turn on & thats it.

I would check BIOS & disable advanced power management.

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Try looking in Task Scheduler and check to see if Windows Error Reporting and Customer Experience Improvement are set to wake computer. It seems like I had to change one of those.


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You must go into Device manager and double click on all devices. All those that have a power managent button can wake your PC. You have to uncheck the box (see picture). Of course not for the mouse and keyboard.



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Thanks to all who answered, I tried all the suggestions and one or all must have worked. Now my PC doesn't get woken up in the middle of the night.
Thanks again to all!!!

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