PC to LCD TV "No Signal"

My laptop PC is connected to a Samsun 32" LCD tv through hdmi-hdmi with a DVI->hdmi adapter on the PC end.
I've been using this for 4-5 months with no problems.
But suddenly I get a "No Signal" message on my TV, One second it was hooked up and then it just turned black and I keep getting the "No signal" message.

I've tried re plugging, rebooting PC and TV, changed resolution and refresh rate to the native settings.

If I check the nividia control panel, it detects the Samsung TV, when I re plug it, I get the normal flickering on the PC screen, but it's the same on the TV; "No signal"

I've tried changing the HDMI cabel, no success, changed ports, no success.
The only thing left is the adapter, it may have been burned or something, but it seems to be working since my PC can detect the TV.
And I don't really waste money on a new one to only find out that it did not work.

My graphics card is a GeForce 8600M GS.

This is the first time I've had any problem with this connection.

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