Periodical BSOD Windows 11 fresh install (Windows 10 before BSOD too)


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Mar 28, 2023
Last months I have periodical BSOD. One in week or five in day. No any time periods or software usage. I cant uderstand, it is hardware or software problem. First two years after buy PC no BSOD was.

Please help.


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Thank you for reaching out!

To help diagnose the cause of your periodic BSOD's, we can start with some basic troubleshooting steps. Here are some suggestions:

1. Update Drivers: Outdated drivers can often cause BSOD's. Ensure that all of your hardware drivers are up-to-date.

2. Check for Windows Updates: Ensure your system is up-to-date with the latest Windows updates. Sometimes, these updates can address issues that cause BSOD's.

3. Check for Hardware Issues: Run hardware diagnostic tests to check for any hardware problems.

4. Run System File Checker: Open Command Prompt as an Administrator, and type "sfc /scannow". This command will scan and repair system files.

5. Check Startup Programs: Try to determine if any third-party software is causing the issue. You can do this by opening Task Manager and exploring the "Start-up" tab.

6. Check Event Viewer Logs: Open the Event Viewer and check for errors and warnings around the time of the BSOD.

If you're still experiencing issues after following these steps, we suggest taking your PC to a professional repair technician who can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

I hope this helps!
1. Driver updated
2. Windows updated
3. Power, Memory, CPU, SSD checked
4. sfc - no error
5. No new app in autostart
6. Event log have many Critical error (see first post)

90% BSOD with hypervisor_error but hyper-v uninstalled
in WinDbg
The DPC watchdog detected a prolonged run time at an IRQL of DISPATCH_LEVEL
or above.
Arg1: 0000000000000001, The system cumulatively spent an extended period of time at
Arg2: 0000000000001e00, The watchdog period (in ticks).
Arg3: fffff80455f1c340, cast to nt!DPC_WATCHDOG_GLOBAL_TRIAGE_BLOCK, which contains
additional information regarding the cumulative timeout
Arg4: 0000000000000000
0: kd> dt Wdf01000!DPC_WATCHDOG_GLOBAL_TRIAGE_BLOCK fffff80455f1c340
+0x000 Signature : 0xaebecede
+0x004 Revision : 1
+0x006 Size : 0x10
+0x008 DpcWatchdogProfileOffset : 0x88a8
+0x00c DpcWatchdogProfileLength : 0x8200
0: kd> !dpcs
CPU Type KDPC Function
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfaa68db8 0xfffff8047e621010 HDAudBus!HdaController::NotificationDpc
0: Normal : 0xfffff80455e3bba0 0xfffff804554054d0 nt!PpmCheckPeriodicStart
Unable to load image nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfa6220d0 0xfffff8047b711880 nvlddmkm
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfabdf510 0xfffff8047ae1b7a0 nvlddmkm
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfa422dc0 0xfffff80459206ca0 Wdf01000!FxInterrupt::_InterruptDpcThunk
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfa6450d0 0xfffff80459206ca0 Wdf01000!FxInterrupt::_InterruptDpcThunk
0: Normal : 0xfffff80455e421e0 0xfffff80455577290 nt!KiBalanceSetManagerDeferredRoutine
0: Normal : 0xffff948cf4afdc90 0xfffff804555f8f90 nt!KiSwInterruptDispatch
0: Normal : 0xffff948cfa969420 0xfffff80459206ca0 Wdf01000!FxInterrupt::_InterruptDpcThunk
0: Normal : 0xffff948cf6016838 0xfffff804555eb680 nt!EtwpLoggerDpc
0: Threaded: 0xfffff80452197758 0xfffff8045576a8b0 nt!KiDpcWatchdog
Another BSOD
in WinDbg
The hypervisor has encountered a fatal error.
Arg1: 0000000000000011
Arg2: 000007fc26281000
Arg3: 0000000000001005
Arg4: ffffe70000005c90

Random HYPERVISOR_ERROR errors = processor is died

it is problem of AMD Ryzen processor
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