Persistent BSOD and CTD problem

Yes I removed AVG after that last crash.

I tried to update the BIOS using MSI's updater tool 'Live Update'. It downloads the new BIOS fine, but stops working when I tell it to use it (and I've tried lots of times). I found the file it downloaded manually, but the exe file seems to do nothing. Why is everything so complicated!

Okay, just had some small measure of success.

I tried the MSI update utility again, which detects your BIOS and checks for a newer version. This time it managed to update my BIOS successfully. The slightly less good news is that I had a Checksum error on reboot, but I press the option to load default settings, and Windows seemed to boot normally from there - I'm writing this on the PC in question.

So I've successfully flashed my BIOS, and I'll report back to see if I still get crashes.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but it's possible that I'm finally BSOD free. No crashes last night, and none again today - so completely stable since I flashed the BIOS. I'll give it another couple of days before I start dancing on the table, but it looks like your advice might have solved it for me Elmer!

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