Phishing in 2019


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Does anyone feel that phishing has developed?

E.g. in my personal feeling, there are fewer email scams nowadays.

Your thoughts, guys?

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Most security research indicates a huge increase in phishing scams and complexity of them
The Latest in Phishing: First of 2019

Here is another overall threat trend report for 2019. I was at the meeting for this one.
Mapping the Future: Dealing With Pervasive and Persistent Threats - Security Predictions - Trend Micro USA

I'm also one of the people that monitors these types of attacks at work and I see tons of phishing attempts every day.


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Thanks for the provided links. I understand how important it is to timely update software, have trusted antiviruses and THINK.
I know many examples of phone scams when thieves wanted to learn credit card data from people pretending to be bank representatives. And they know the psychological tricks of people's thinking, so that's a scary thing.

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