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    Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

    [00:42] Last show...

    [05:21] Announcing: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
    [07:04] Giant Japanese robot will fistfight America's MegaBot
    [09:51] Commmodore is back Baby, with a … Smartphone?
    [12:26] 3-in-1 Dock - A Microsoft Garage Project for Surface Pro 3
    [15:21] SemanticPaint: Interactive 3D Labelling and Learning at your Fingertips, Microsoft Research debuts another project, Semantic Paint (link, link)

    Bad joke time and Question of the week: [19:36] Who's going to win the Giant Robot fight and what weapons/attack method will they use?

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