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It used to be that I could pin multiple documents to their host program on the task bar, and I could run more then just the program itself, for example with good chrome I could right click and choose to open a new window, a new incognito window and a few other options. I did some windows updates a little while back and all the other options have disappeared as well as my ability to pin files to programs. I was wondering if there was a way to get that back since it was super convenient to have.

Most programs used to have many options and recent files, etc

Now this is the most I ever get for any program

Thanks for the help!


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If you right click the taskbar and select properties, then under the Start Menu tab, there are two check boxes below Privacy. One for the Start Menu and one for the Start Menu and Taskbar. Are both checked?

While you are there, you may also want to check the customized button and on the bottom it mentions how many programs to display. Make sure they are not set to 0 or some such.

Only the top one was checked and both numbers in the customize section were at 10. Checking the other box didn't change anything.


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It will take some time to re-populate. Use some programs a couple of times.

If it doesn't start to re-populate, we will have to look for another setting.

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