Piping Media Player's Output (or otherwise recovering an MTS file)

I have a corrupt MTS file on my SDHC card. Windows cannot copy nor move this file, and says to run chkdsk to fix it. I've had experience with chkdsk fix, and don't want to do that (it chops the file into unusable pieces). Media Player is able to play 36 minutes of the file, even though it shows the file is 0 minutes long. I have not found any other software that can read more than a few minutes of the file. Is it possible to pipe Media Player's output to a new file on my hard drive?

After playing around with various software, I finally bit the bullet and used chkdsk/f on my SDHC card. To my relief, it actually repaired the file and left the whole thing intact! Note that was Windows 7 chkdsk; I'm not sure that XP chkdsk would have worked so well.

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