Please Help? Start Orb and some apps not working!

My Windows 7 start orb doesn't work. It does nothing when you hover over it and you have to press the keyboard button with the windows logo on it twice for the start menu to pop up. Also, every once and a while, at least 5 or more Access Denied windows pop up for no reason. I believe I have a virus trying to access my files. Also, my McAfee firewall keeps going off. I click on and it immediately goes off. Same with Windows Firewall. It is also undetected by scans. Can someone please tell me how to fix it? And does any one know what ndfeverpc or wepro is? Because every time I start up my computer I find those in processes and have to click show processes from all users and end them because they are taking up at least 67 CPU usage. I also believe that the virus could also be spyware. EDIT: Restarted explorer and my start button works now

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Re: Start Orb and some apps not working!

Hello bagelmast3r47,
to Windows 7 Forums,

I would recommend using this before anything else at this point.

Follow the instructions carefully;
VIPRE Rescue - VIPRE Computer Recovery Solution from Sunbelt Software

Keep us posted, I also edited your title to reflect your issue.


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Re: Start Orb and some apps not working!

Added info;

Could not find anything related to ndfeverpc, however, wepro seems to be a Crack, Keygen or some other illegal software that was downloaded from either a filesharing site or torrent site which are havens for viruses, trojans and malware.

Re: Start Orb and some apps not working!

I think that ndfeverpc is similar to wepro cause the decription of them are both the same. And thanks for recomending the VIPRE Rescue thing. It has already detected a trojan in the processes call Facebook Update. I don't use any keygens or torrents though. However I do download some 3d models and stock footage from file sharing websites.

Re: Start Orb and some apps not working!

It just finished scanning my computer. I think it fixed most of the stuff. But the one that disables firewall is still there.

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