Please Help. This is driving me crazy :(

I have googled after googling after more googling to try and solve these BSOD's. I have done a fresh install of Windows twice and still get them :(
I have solved the ATI one i was getting as it was one of my graphics cards, how ever i cant sort these ones. One I get alot it is to do with ntoskrnl.

Please help

Many thanks



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Hi Paul,

checking over the dumps it would seem that you have a memory problem. Please take the RAM out leaving one stick closest to the CPU. Run this free app: Memtest Please allow for two or three passes before moving on to the next stick which again should be placed in the same position. If a stick errors out then you know which one is bad.

Please ensure that all drivers and bios updates are the latest versions.

Hi mate thanks for the reply.

I ran mem tests but not with the stick seperatley. One stick has faults as windows wouldnt start with that one and the one i have in maybe faulty aswell (even though there pretty new) but the shop id going to exchange them for new ones incase.

I will let you know how i get on.


Yep 2nd day now and no BSOD even got a hour of COD in with no probs

Had the corsair exchanged for some kingston RAM and it all seems spot on..

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