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Windows 8 Please, why; any explanations?


Mar 25, 2006
Can you tell me... why does my Windows 8 do everything I want or need, do it well, quickly and easily? Why does it accept every piece of software or hardware I throw @ it? Does anyone know why my Windows 8 is so stable, smooth, fast and problem free?

Thanks to Microsoft, I am being tied down and forced to use this strange new OS. Have visited forums & done much research trying to find out why this OS works so enjoyably well. Please, help. Any ideas?

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You will only find, on forums such as this, users seeking help (ie. Having problems) IMO, only a very small minority would be posting that they are running without problems.
But, something caught my eye? Why are you, "Thanks to Microsoft, I am being tied down and forced to use this strange new OS" ?
Was all just satire & my warped, silly, punny, sense of humour.

The part you bolded, David, was a wee poke @ comments I've read over the past year saying MS is shoving things (in Win8) down one's throat like it's a nasty conspiracy... Truth is I'm enjoying Windows 8 quite willingly.

Darn, not another failed attempt to make people laugh, smile or chuckle. There can be levity in IT, too.

So, why doesn't my Windows 8 have any problems or irritations? ;)

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There are, in fact, very view OS problems being posted. I would say that many are concerned with only two issues, which are quite daunting for new users. 1. The desktop (modern) on arrival at a new installation, and 2. Having finally found the alternative desktop, the lack of a start menu. Number two seems to flood the forums.
Other than that, the very small remainder of OS requests for help are concerned with finding ways to do things - many of which are not really very different from Windows 7, or third party hardware problems, of which there are very few.
There is an minor input from potential users who, in many cases, can easily be detected as using a downloaded OS from an illegal source, ie. Pirated. With improper activation, many problems not experienced by the normal user, can pop up.