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POST = Power On Self Test, right?
Apparently not any longer. The word is now being used to describe the future of computing, as in POST PC World.
Which sounds to me like Microsoft intends to leave we desktop users and apparently some of if not most of its' long time valued partners to our own "devices" (no pun intended) literally.
"Things work better when hardware and software are considered together," he said. "We control it all, we design it all, and we manufacture it all ourselves."
Microsoft knows its future in a post-PC world depends heavily on getting Windows 8 -- the OS and the devices -- right out of the gate
So I was just wondering how comfortable all you desktop users out there feel about your new status as a second class citizen in a POST PC World.
It would seem that if they are willing to throw long time partners like HP and Dell under the bus, I don't believe that we can expect any better treatment and I suspect that the future of the Personal Computer is being written while we all rejoice about how glorious Windows 8 is. I suppose we can all keep our heads firmly buried in the sand, claim that Windows 8 is what it isn't and continue to assert that it is not an OS that was in fact designed primarily if not wholly for ultra-portable devices, despite statements from the horse's own mouth to the contrary, but I for one, am relatively certain we have not been beta testing a new Desktop OS.
Of course where else were they going to get beta testers, certainly not among their paltry single digit market share of the phone or tablet market.
You're welcome Microsoft, glad to have been of service. Best wishes and good luck in your Post PC World, but I'm still "A PC"..... seems like only yesterday.


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