powerful search engine, bad interface. version 1903.


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A little publicized but very important feature of the 1903 update is the new file explorer search engine. I mean the one that searches not only names, but file contents. The new one is very fast, (the old one was incredibly slow) and supports 'quotation mark' searches, which return the files where 'the exact phrase' is found. Important for me, because I work with a quite large amount of searchable text files.
This is the goo news. The bad is, that this fantastic tool has a very awkward interface. The same very small line on the right side of the file explorer window. No possibility of boolean searches. No serious drop menu with the search history. In short, it is having a ferrari engine on a car with a steering system that is sloppy and difficult to use.
Is there any remedy to that.?


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My guess is Microsoft just wanted to get it out in this build and will hopefully improve the interface in the next release.


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I've used Agent Ransack for years, at least since Window 7 maybe before that and it does all the stuff that Windows native search doesn't.

It will search an entire drive in only a few seconds.
It's the first thing I install on new computers.

Once installed it appears on the right click list, and it remembers your search criteria.
So just click where you want to search and click Agent Ransack ant the click Search.

Lots of options.