Prblm with WMP 12

So I know i did a stupid thing with trying to downgrade WMP 12 to WMP 11 with this guide: Download Windows Media Player 11 for Windows 7 (Replace WMP 12) (I did everything from this guide: deleting some things from registry etc... )
And now I have no media player... This is the error i receive

I just wanted the look of the old wmp 11, cause i hate the new look...
I want this look: not this absolutely terrible new look :(

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. ;)

I would recommend either doing a system restore to the point before you tried to downgrade.. OR if that's not a possibility you may have to reinstall Windows 7 (via clean install).. ;) I have a funny feeling your going to run into more problems as a result of making modifications to the registry.. They probably can be fixed but messing with the registry is never fun or advised if you don't know exactly what your doing.. :)

Hope this helps out.. :)

Cheers for now..

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