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My son and I share a PC. Everything I have read said to install this app, run this thing, gpedit, etc blah blah blah. Did Windows 10 REMOVE the most BASIC of basic user settings?! I JUST want to stop my son from installing $h%! onto my PC without having to do 10 backflips or installing OTHER software. I can lock him out of my PC, I can punish him, etc. That's not what I need. I just need to prevent it from happening altogether. Mainly due to malware and crap being put on my computer. While I don't mind him installing some software, some games have malware attached to it and he is 100% oblivious to it and I'm tired of having to clean out my PC once a month.

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Create him an account of his own and make it a standard user with no admin rights. He'll then need to ask you if and when he needs to install anything

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