Printing Excel

I have a 20 year Diary in Excel 2010 which I spent over 1,000 hours on. It is complex. I have over 5,000 lines and over 15,000 cells which are all color coded and fonts coded. Because of the complexity of the spreadsheetI have to do everything manually. I can't go and correct any fonts are color so it's a monster. I think Microsoft did a poor job on Excel or I just don't knowhow to use it. Anyway I tried to print it out on a laser printer today. The major problem is that it prints out different than what I type into it, which means I will need to take at least a hundred hours to correct it. With 5,000+lines I get a line missing where I can't see it. I had to correct over 1,000 lines manually because the auto row height would not work. So what you see isnot what you get. I'm 65 years old and I know I'm not explaining myself wellbut this is a mess. I've put 20 years of my life into this and I just thought Iwould print it out and after 200 pages I found out it just wasn't right. I even highlight my Diary and did an auto fit row height but didn't do any good. My printer can’t tell the difference between pink and red which is a major problem. Do I need another and better laser printer. Any Suggestions?

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