Printscreen problem


I've been using Windows 7 for about 5 days now and I just found a new problem:
For some reason my screen captures are not being taken properly.

I'm not sure what the problem is, if anyone has any idea, I would really appreciate it.
It might also be realted to this problem that I posted before:
Sometimes I get that kind of desktop background when the UAC appears.

My setup is as follows:
AMD64 2800
Asus K2M-VM AM2 motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 6800
Dual screen setup
SATA drives

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the result of Alt-PrtScr:


Are you simply pressing your "print screen" key then opening "paint" putting your curser in the image window and pressing ctrl + p ???

Maybe you are using a program that doesn't behave under 64 bit? If that's possible, right click on the shortcut to it and click properties / compatibality and try to run the software under an older version of Windows.

What I do is Alt-PrtScrn, open mspaint and Ctrl-V.
I have also tried Windows 7 snipping tool and I get the same problem; as a matter of fact, any app relying on screen captures gets crapped out: for example CamStudio which is used to record what's happening on the screen is giving me the same output on the final video file.

I'm not using any special problem other than the built in ability to take screenshots in windows (Alt+PrtScreen) Which worked flawlessly when I had XP on the same hardware.

I'm really clueless as to what could be causing this problem.

It works here ... I have final 7600 build win 7... I just press prtscrn but I tested alt+print screen and that works too.

I'm out of guesses.. if your graphics card drivers were a problem you probably couldn't read anything. Maybe you are running in a mode other than the Aero mode that i'm in .. and that's causing confusion. Good luck.

I haven't really played with the settings, so I have pretty much everything default on the system.
I did however find out that unchecking "Enable desktop composition", however if I do that, I lose all the visual stuff, which I don't want to sacrifice.
So I'm wondering if the nvidia drivers have issues with "Desktop compositing" or what could be causing this problem...

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