Windows 8 Privacy or Convenience


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I had a backup hard drive go out and corrupt the File History. Couldn't get it back even after numerous refresh and reinstall of 8. Reinstalled windows 7 on my Dell Inspirion 570 which was a royal pain. Let 7 run all the updates over night since install of 8 failed after I did the restore. I reinstalled 8 this morning and went to get things down around town and when I got back it wanted me to personalize and log on to my account. When it loaded 8 I had all my original bookmarks passwords and settings from 8 which I deleted last night. I was shocked. All I had to do is verify who I was thru my email which activated windows and restored everything. Scary to think if I delete something Microsoft has a copy but I guess it is good also. Your thoughts.


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If your using Windows 8 with a Microsoft account then your better going to the actual account page and making changes there.

If you wanted to remove all the information associated with that Microsoft account then this is the place to do it. This is the actual account that Windows sync's to so any changes made here will also effect what appears on the pc.

Initially this used to bother me somewhat but now I actually find it handy that my settings ect are saved.