Problem remotely connecting to my Win7 box

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    When I use Remote Desktop Connection on my Mac to connect to my Windows 7 box and I log in with the normal username and password, it connects me, but it opens another session. So if I go to the "Users" tab of Task Manager, there's two sessions of the same username listed (one from the console and one from the remote session). How do I make it so that when I connect remotely, it just uses the session from the console instead of opening up a completely new session?
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    Hello Dwigt;
    I'm sorry but what you want to do is no longer an option (mstsc /console), going back to XP ServicePack 3. Microsoft's big push for more security decided that this was a potential vector for an attack and decided to plug that hole. So it looks like two sessions is going to be it the console always holding on to session 0 and the remote taking the next.
    This article may explain it better but I think thats pretty much it in a nutshell.
    No more MSTSC.exe /CONSOLE | microsoftNOW
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