Problem running a router with verizon modem and Win7

The Verizon modem I am using is a Westell 6100F. The router I am using is a Netgear WGR614 v6.

When the computer is hooked directly to the modem, I can access the internet and also access the modem at

When the computer is hooked to the router and the router is disconnected from the modem I can access the router at When I do this, I try to use the setup wizard. It then tells me that it is going to check the kind of internet connection I have. Of course it comes up with nothing since I do not have it connected to the modem. So I connect it to the modem and click retry. After that it comes up with the 'Cannot display page'.

So needless to say ,when the computer is connected to the router, and the router is connected to the modem, I cannot access the internet, nor can I access either the router or modem pages.

I have tried downloading and installing the new firmware for my router that is supposed to make it Win7 compatable. I have reset both the router and the modem and the computer several times. I even call verizon support to help me connect. We tried setting the modem to bridge mode and that still did not help. Every option I have tried has resulted in failure once the two components are hooked together. Can anyone suggest a different idea besides getting a new router?


There may be a setting in your router for "spoofing" that is required to make it work with your router.

Google cable modem spoofing WGR614

You'll find the process for setting your modem.


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Is this the first time you have used them together? Is it possible they are using the same IP address?

What does it show in the status of your router before and after you connect it to the modem(IP addresses)?

Saltgrass - No this is not the first time using them together. I have used them both for almost two years with no problems. In fact I was using them 3 day ago. I just set up my new computer yesterday and have been fighting with this problem ever since.
They did both have the same IP address, but I changed the one for the Modem to I was still able to acces the internet through it, but once I connected the router, no good.
Once I connect the router and the modem at the same time, I can't get anywhere with either one. I have to work on them both seperately.
I'd really like to be able to play xbox live while my wife uses the computer. I don't want to have to switch between the two all the time.

tblount - I looked up spoofing and havent found anything on how to do it. Just a bunch of forums that talk about using it.(including this one).

I'm really starting to get frustrated with this. Thanks for the help so far.



But if you have had them working for two years, this is not your problem. I didn't know you had the router working. There are a lot of router problems with Win 7... sometimes rebooting it gets it working. Check my tagline for about 20 connection fixes. It's probably one of them.


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I have seen where Windows will put in its basic IP address which is not the one needed. This should be shown in the Network and sharing center with a red X between the computer and router. If there is an X, you might click on it.

What are you adapter settings for IP address. Is it what you think it should be or something else.

You might also check the adapter directly to see what it shows for DHCP settings and IP addresses.

If you do not know how to find out, go to the Network and sharing center and click on Local area connections, then details.

Do you show a house for you network? Is there a little blue symbol by your computer icon?

What do you show for all the Advanced Sharing settings?

I finally got it working. Not quite sure how I did it though. I somehow was able to access my router while the modem was connected and used the setup wizard to get it connected. Both the router and Modem are reset to factory settings, so I'm not exactly sure what the problem was before. Thanks for all your help.


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