problem to open jpg,pdf,word,video files

Hellow guys
I am new in the forum , please help me out to solve the problem . Few days ago I saw the old jpg pictures and words and pdf and video files not possible to open and this happened this time i never had experience of this problem . I explain the new word or jpg pictures and pdf is working in some how this happended just the
old ones ,, I have avast antivirus and i did compelete scan the computer , please ask me more information if need it .
thanks in advance



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Hmm thats interesting. Have you tried viewing the files in any other reader?

Hmm thats interesting. Have you tried viewing the files in any other reader?
Hi .. Yes I did and nothing happened ,,, is this problem hapened to nobody??

please experts help me out .. any idea what is this ???? is this happened to nobody else ??' please help


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The most probable reason I can think of is that the files might have corrupted. Does this problem occur with all the files on your PC or just some specific files?

for all the files from last week but now when i save the same file in my email to my desktop is looks fine but the old ones

all looks corrupted , this happened i think when i was downloadin from torrent , this never happened for me , i attach the the same file which is not working and other one which is working ,


Other thing i notice now is in good one has dimentions and bad one doesn't have it ,, please help to find out , i have hundreds of films and pictures ,,



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Well you can easily recover the corrupted files. Just run a scan on the drive where all the files were present. And since you mentioned the problem occurred while you downloaded a torrent, most likely your PC is infected.

Before you try to recover the old files, run an antivirus scan again ( use Bitdefender this time)
After cleaning up the virus if any, use Stellar Data Recovery to recover the files.

If you get confused at a point, I have your back!

REEE , i am thanksfull of your words ,, it is great feeling when u said i have your back .. these pictures and vidoes are most

important .. other files i don't care ,, please help me out to take them back .. thoese are all my memory of me and my family ...

thanks again


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I'm not sure if this will help at all but try running a system file scan. It can repair corruption but usually this is only with system files. Look for command prompt in the start menu, right click on it and run as administrator. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

I also found a little app called 'File Repair'. It's free and i even tried the download just to make sure it was safe so give it a try:
Download File Repair


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File Repair is worth giving a try!
Here is a little something I would recommend in case File Repair doesn't help.
File Repair Software to Repair Corrupted Files - Stellar File Repair
I tried the JPEG Repair software when my SD card went crazy, and I was able to recover back the files. Hope any one of the two software will help!

Thanks gus and REEE ,, i did try that FILE REPAIR and didn't solve it but i have to try other one that you mentioned Stellar

but i hope it was possible before you buy software be sure is working . REEE do you know other good forums for JPG and video

files ?

thanks again

Hi again ,, I did try both software to repair the picture JPG .. both says invalid file and can not repair it ,, even i paid for

second one ,, i don't believe it to not fox this .. all these experts .. i am not giving up and go on to find solution ,


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