Windows 8 Problem with graphics driver/monitor


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Feb 21, 2013
I'll try to explain this as best as I can.

I'm using a monitor that uses 1366x768 (32in) and a 1680x1050 (22in) monitor, the 1366x768 registers fine. However for some reason I can't get the 1680x1050 resolution to stay.

I just got this computer today and the resolutions were working fine on my other pc using both monitors. (old pc uses win 7, new pc uses win 8)

When I first turned on the new pc with these 2 monitors the 1680x1050 resolution was not found, it only offered 1280x720 and 1920x1080 - neither one works well at all.

I uninstalled the hd 7570 graphics drivers from device manager and installed the latest hd 7k series drivers from AMD and it instantly found and automatically selected the 1680x1050 resolution. However, within about 5 sec both monitors went black for a few seconds and when they came back on there was no longer an option to select 1680x1050 and I was left with only 2 options as mentioned above.

Anyone know why this is happening? I can get it to work by doing the described method of uninstalling the driver and then reinstalling from the download I got from amd, but it only lasts for a few seconds.
I'm not sure exactly why you've hit this issue, it may have something to do with the WDDM driver which has been updated to 1.2 for windows 8.
I had a similar issue in that changing to win 8 meant that my monitor would only run at 60Hertz instead of the 75Hertz it once did under windows 7. You might an option to make some changes however. If you look under the monitors properties (via the CCC) and see a checkbox for EDID ( Extended Display Identification Data) untick the box. This will allow you to now change the resolution to one you actually want.
If the above doesn't work try checking google to see if your monitor has a firmware update.
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