Problem with IE 8

I still have the icon. It is not listed under Programs or installed updates. It says I am not connected to the internet when I click the icon. My gadgets cannot connect to the internet. Yet, I am typing this on this site using Firefox. What gives? How do I fix this problem?

AMD x2@2.6
Nvidia 8800GT (latest beta drivers)

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

and its not listed under "turn windows features on or off"?

Has it been like it always since you installed w7? if so, I'd reinstall, if not I'd resort to a system restore

Hi there
1) get into comand mode and type ipconfig /renew
2) from COMMAND Mode try pinging something like If you get a response then you know internet access and router is OK.
3) In IE8 use tools==>Internet options and make sure no proxy or whatever is blocking the access
4) check security level not set too high
5) check firewall or other av software isn't blocking IE8


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