Problem with linksys wusb600n v2 adapter

I have two problems actually.
1. The main problem is with my linksys usb adapter. When I did an upgrader from vista to 7 the following happened it would stop recgonizing the internet after a while and move to local access only. I was still able to access the router and could release and renew the ip so that wasnt it.
heres what i have done so far

1. Disabled the auto power saving feature
2. Removed the old drivers from linksys and installed new ones from linksys website
3. Removed the linksys drivers and updated with ralink drivers
4. When it does connect if the download speed goes over 1.2 mbs per second windows seems to shut off the usb adapter and i lose complete connection

My temp fix was to run a 50 foot cable from the basement to the main floor.Its ugly but it works for now.

my second issue is with the cable being run. it only seems to max out at 1 mbs for downloads. Do you know if there is any issue with 7 preventing speeds being handled greater than 1 mbs

Specs are as follows
1. 64 bit windows 7
2. 8 gigs of ram
3. about 350 gigs for free space
4. Usb is linksys 600n v2


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A 59-foot cable will slow it down considerably

have you tried other ports?

Try uninstalling, the re-install it.

In Device Manager, does It have a yellow flag next to it?

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