Problem with nvidia drivers and dual monitor support

Hello evryone. I have been searching allover the net ofr a lasting forx for this probem for days but to no avail:

I have Seven home Premium, a Nvidia GeForce 988 GX2 and two 22 inch TFT displays. At first I had no issues at all runnig the two dispalys for weeks just after the install of Seven, without even bothering to install any specific drivers for the card. But after a while I got to optimizing and installed the current drivers for my card and thats when the problems started.

Now I have a seemingly random (50%) chance, at a random time between 1 and 20 minutes after I first start the computer for the day, that one or both screens will shut off for no good reason. If it happens to the 2nd screen I can still access the settings and see that only 1 screen is recognized and that the nvidia drivers are gone.
WHn I now reboot, it stays the same but if the main monitor was the one to go out, it is now on with the other off and I can then see that the drives are missing and the 2nd screen is not recognized.

The only fix I have so far found is to:
1. reinstall the drivers
2. reboot, disable Multi-GPU for the card so it can be used in dual screen mode
3. shut off the comp, unplug both screens and boot up till it should be in windows login screen
4. shut off again, shut off the power to the comp, then wait for a minute or so
5. plug evrything back in, give the comp power again, boot up and it works

This process has been worked out in a laborous process of trial and error over the last 2 weeks. I am really at my wits end as to why it happens and how to make it stop.

The drivers as I said are the current ones. Multi-GPU is disabled, logically it should work without problems.

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