Problem with url in IIS


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I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 6.2 with a default website published.

I have a url that is binded to the webserver, and when I access, I can reach the default page.

But I have a subfolder that I need to access a website but through url (

When I go with IP (internal - 192.168.x.x/abc/def or external -, I can reach the webpage, but when I try from outside I get an error that "The requested URL /abc/def/ was not found on this server.".

This is driving me crazy...

What can this be? What o I need to do to fix this dns/url/whatever misconfiguration?

Thanks a lot.



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Ok and you did mention the binding is setup and that works. Is /abc/def in the same physical path as the root default document and the group IIS_IUSRS has proper rights on that directory structure?


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The event viewer and iis logs don't say anything usefull...
The folder has the correct permissions, and are subfolder of the root folder. So they inherited the permissions.


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Do you have any kind of url redirection or header transforms?
No... nothing of that...
I'm thinking it mmight be something related with binding or permissions for subfolders websites... but i can't reach any configuration refered to it...