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Windows 7 Problems Booting


New Member
Jan 19, 2009
I am trying to boot GParted Live CD from the .iso file I burned to a cd. I have went in and changed my BIOS settings and it still won't boot to the cd, so therefore I can't figure out a way to partition my hard drive. I do have two hard drives though, the main C drive I wanted to install Windows 7 on but I also have a separate hard drive for my media which has a lot more space. I have only backed up the C drive, not the media drive, as the media drive has a lot to back up. I have downloaded different versions of GParted Live CD, burned it to different cds, and still nothing works. So if I cannot fix this, which I really want to, is it going to be a big problem installing Windows 7 on my media drive that won't have any separate partitions for it? I just really wanted to dual boot from my main drive but I can't figure out how.
Go into disk management in XP and click the disk you want to shrink to make room for and right click and hit shrink. This should shriunk the drive. Then you should be able to format it in ntfs.
I'm new to this, so how do I get to disk management and then format it in ntfs? I don't have the fastest internet so I'm doing the best I can trying not to load every website on the planet to find the answers so thanks for the fast reply.

Ok I have found the disk management. When I right click my C hard drive, there is no option to shrink. The file system is already NTFS and I can't click format or anything from there.

Well, I figured out how to do it, for now I was able to do everything with Windows 7's DiskPart and didn't have to figure out why GPartEd won't work. I guess that will be for later. :)
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