Problems With Extracting Audio In Windows 7


I'm a newbie here, so I appologize in advance for "thread misplacement".

I recently recorded some footage using dxtory. The resulting .avi file stores two audio channels (my mic and game sound) along with game video. People say to extract the two audio files (Since premiere can't handle two audio streams), just right click on the file, and select "Extract Audio Stream". Now, when I try it, it just prompts me to select a program to open it with, and whatever program I choose, it just opens the video as If I wanted to watch it.

I'm very frustrated, because I can't find any other way to extract my audio. Please help.

Have you tried Audacity? Not sure if it would work but it's an audio recording/editing tool.

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Audacity is an audio editing program and even though it can extract audio from some video files you'd probably have better luck with VirtualDub:

So, do you want to extract only the audio streams (as mp3 or wav or whatever) or just remove the 2nd audio stream from the video file? VirtualDub can do both, although as far as I know it can save the audio only as wav.

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