Problems with ICS and Network Setup


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I am using 2 PC's, one with Vista and one with XP. I use a crossover cable between the 2 PCs and have previously used ICS on the Vista machine when it had XP on it before. The Vista PC has an integrated intel nic and a pci 3com nic. I use one for my connection to my cable modem, the other for the crossover cable to the XP pc.

I set up the networking options in the network center as best i could. I opened the properties of the adapter connected to the modem, clicked the sharing tab, and checked the appropriate box to make sure the connection was shared. I made sure both PCs were on the same workgroup, and I rebooted each a couple of times to make sure all settigns work.

I first tried to run the network setup (wizard) but it just says it couldn't find any network hardware. anyways, the XP machine doesn't seem to connect to the internet. It tries to load web pages but fails. Now, i cannot even see the XP machine on file and print sharing.

I went into services.msc and enabled ICS, with automatic load on startup. still no luck, and lately I am getting "Limited or no connectivity" on the xp pc. I disabled the firewall, and still....

I tried to run the XP network setup wizard on the vista machine using the XP cd, to duplicate the settings on the XP pc. But i have no luck. I can access the internet using the Vista PC, but I just can't share it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you tried to swap the NIC's order? (ie: have the one that connects to the Cable modem change to connect to the XP PC, and viseversa) also, check to make sure that your drivers are compatible with Vista (i'm sure you've done this, but it never hurts to try again) You might want to try changing which machine connects to the internet first in the network tree, or (my personal favorite) use a router.. that would definatly solve many issues, that and you won't have to daisy-chain your computers to get a connection on one. Let me know if this helps.

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