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Is there any software out there that monitors which processes access which IP addresses and how much data they transfer, and keeps a log of it?

For the second time since I got my wireless internet package I have lost about 1200MB of bandwidth to some phantom process that BitDefender and Resource Monitor do not show. It wasn't a Windows Update or a BitDefender update - checked both. (And BitDefender is supposed to block everything, anyway!)

I'm beginning to think my provider is messing me around! And wireless gigs are expensive where I come from!


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Unfortunately I'm not aware of any single software solution that will actually do what you're looking to do.
You may want to try a combination of something like Microsoft's Network Monitor along with something else like NetStatLive which if left running all the time might give you a suitable picture as to what's going on. However these are both single computer type software, which do result it a bit of overhead and performance impact while running, and if you are concerned about your network in its' entirety including other computer nodes you'll more than likely need some type of appliance solution which will either work at your router level (if you are lucky enough to have a router that supports DD-WRT firmware), or stand between your network and the outside, in the form of a firewall type device, something like Smooth Wall Express.
With a lot of popular broadband providers now instituting bandwidth caps, there will likely be many of us looking for some such solution, to keep them honest and hopefully there will be some developers out there looking to fill this niche.

Thanks, Trouble.

Actually, I don't care about anybody else's computers! (For now.)

I'm connected via a Huawei wireless router and I am capped (in SA internet is capped by default and the cheapest 1GB data bundle is about ... $30? - R250). I don't share my connection with any other computer - I'm just worried about me!

Thanks again, Trouble.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I don't mind paying ... a little.


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personally id go with someone like Sky if your able to since they offer unlimited usage without restrictions.

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