Windows 7 profile fix for cod5


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ive tried the normal fix of creating the directory and it still happens

x:\users\UrProfile\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\players\profiles

is the vista file path

in win 7 its

x:\users\UrProfiles\Application Data\local\Activision\players\profiles\profilename\

ive created the active.txt but it still doesnt work

anyone had this problem????

i was able to fix it in vista
this was a know issue with on xp and vista

but the fix just isnt working

here is the fix for vista/xp

Here's the fix...

1) Navigate to C:/Users/NAME/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/players/profiles/ on your computer. MAKE SURE to enable hidden files and folders to see this .dir

2) Create a folder with the name of the profile you wish to use

3) Delete any other folders with other profile names that you see in the same .dir
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Actually the easiest way that I got this to work was to install the game and then start it up. When you go in the first time and login to your online account your profiles will appear. Quit the game and then copy the above mentioned files to the correct location. Next time you start the game, your profiles should be updated.