Program blocked by Program Compatibility Assistant

Hi. Hope i do this the right way. Tried to search on google and here on the forum, but didn't find any solution.

Im trying to run a program on Windows 7. The program is a logitech installer. But Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant blocks the program and prevent me from running it.

I have tried disable the Program Compatibility Assistant service in the service manager and i have also enabled the "Turn off Program Compatibility Assistant" group policy.

But windows still keep blocking the program.

What to do?


Hi there
I installed a logitech joystick using the compatability troubleshooter by running the troubleshooter and then installed using the reccommened settings and it works perfectly so you should be OK if you just follow the highlighted options

Hi! thanks for the reply!

Tried using the troubleshooter. I tried different settings but it doesn't work. Windows keeps blocking the program. It is the Windows Program Compatibility Assistant that pops up and says "This program is blocked due to compatibility issues". And then I can check online for solutions which of course there isn't any, or I can choose cancel.

There must be a way to disable this compatibility check windows is doing. It didn't get blocked in the 7100 beta build, but now I'm running build 7600.


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I'm trying to install my Logitech QuickCam 9000 Pro software application. I know it is very hard to get the software working on Windows 7, and if you do not follow a specific procedure you end up having a hard time getting Windows to work again. What seems to be the problem is a service that the logitech installer creates, which results in the windows explorer crashing continuously. If you follow a specific procedue though, it works fine. I got it working perfectly on the Windows 7 beta build 7100.

But now on the 7600 build windows blocks the setup program.

I will have a look on the post you mentioned, and report back. Thanks

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Ok tried doing what was posted in the thread you linked to, and downloaded the qc1150_x64.exe file. But Windows again blocks the setup even before it get to extract the files to the temp folder. So it's not even possible for me to run the LgDrvInst.exe file from the temp directory.

Still, there must be a way to force windows to run the application, or a way to disable the compatibility check.

here is a picture of the blocking:


That explains it a bit, I am still on 7100. I think we are just have to wait till we get the finished product but that's why we are testing the beta, hopefully your machine is sending all these faults to MS
Good luck

yeah it does make sense that it is blocked. Still there must be a way to avoid this compatibility check.


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Did you get your software from the Logitech site or did it come with the product?

Have you tried to install it in compatibility for an older version of Windows?

Right click the installer.
Click: Properties
Click the Compatibility tab
Check: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Try different operating systems until hopefully one of them works.

This didn't work for me. It's just another thing to try. You didn't mention this in any of your previous posts. I really don't think it will but then again, Maybe? Since the thing that worked for me didn't for you and since I tried everything else I could find then I don't know what to say any more.

Maybe once W7 actually goes on sale Logitech will get off their butts and issue software that will work for it. It's not up to M$ to make their operating system work with every single third party software out there. It's up to Logitech to make their product work with Windows. This is totally their fault.

I've had trouble with Logitech before. I think I've probably bought my last bit of hardware from them.

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Hi again.

I have tried installing in compatibility for older versions of windows. It is what the compatibility troubleshooter tries to do. As said it didn't work - windows simply blocks it as soon i double click the files - but thanks for your advice.

When i was running the beta 7100 build i used a specific procedure to get the logitech application work. And it worked perfectly. Think it was posted on the Logitech forum. It specifies to use a specific version of the quickcam software, so i haven't downloaded it from the logitech main site, but found a link via google to the specific version.

Here is the procedure:

"Firstly main culprit is service "Process Monitor" or "LVPrcS64". According to Logitech this service is responsible for Video Effect. By disabling that service from auto starting, all become stable; including main application, but you will have to sacrifice special effect.

Now the steps:
1- Download drivers version "quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64.exe" from here :

Logitech QuickCam Software WHQL Windows XP x64/Vista x64

This drivers are for following models only: Ultra Vision, Fusion, Notebooks Pro, Orbit/Sphere MP, Pro 5000,Notebooks Deluxe, Communicate STX, Pro 9000,Pro for Notebooks, Communicate Deluxe, Orbit/Sphere AF,S5500,S7500, E3500. For other models driver/software may or may not work I did not try.

2-Right click and press "Run As Administrator" accept license agreement and press "next"
3-Program will ask u to connect webcam which you do
4-message appear "Camera Detected" wait
5-message appear "check for update" click "ask me again later" press "next"
6-message appear "custom install" click "software and drivers" press "next"
On this point installation will commence and u will have first Windows Explorer crash click Restart Program shortly after u will have second Windows Explorer crash, with everything on your desktop vanished, click again Restart Program and Logitech installation will finish, with your camera working.
7-Press "next" it will go to mic config press “next" again and finally u will have "Congratulations" The installation and setup is complete! Press "Done
Quick Cam Ribbon will appear close the ribbon.

Now, even thou installation appears to be successful you are still left with empty desktop.
DO NOT RESTART PC at this point, otherwise you will end up with big problem as described in "Oblomow58" post , do following:

8-press simultaneously " Ctrl+Alt+Del" choose "Start Task Manager"
9-on the top choose "Services" and bottom right press "Services" again
10-Services window will open. Stroll down and find "Process Monitor"
11-Double click on it, in the general window press "stop" in order to stop service, then change startup type from Automatic to Disabled, press "Apply"
12-Close all the windows and once again press " Ctrl+Alt+Del" ,this time choose to restart pc.

Upon restart your Logitech application and ribbon will work fine allowing you to do adjustments, exept special effect.

horray! I got it working by installing the latest software from logitech called Logitech Webcam Software (LWS). I don't know when it was released, but it's at version 1.00, and last time i checked, it was the old Logitech Quickcam Software i got. But this new software actually installs perfectly and all the settings i have tried work.

Though it still doesn't solve the actually main problem, which is how to avoid a program being blocked by Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant. I would still like to know how to bypass this service.


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When I was trying to get mine to work something I did got it to install. I don't remember what it was though. After it did the only thing that showed up on my desktop was my gadgets. I had to boot into "Safe Mode" and restore it to before I installed it.

I wouldn't even consider trying to bypass the Compatibility Assistant. I think the people who wrote Windows know best.

I'm not telling you what to do. That's just my opinion.

Thanks for the info on the new software. I'll look into it. Cool. :)


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I got LWS v1. It started but never finished the installation. After I stopped the installer it did work but it broke my desktop gadgets. I couldn't get them to work. I uninstalled LWS.

Logitech software has never worked properly on my x64 system. I've installed the software for my "Logitech Media Keyboard" several times then a few days later it would act up again. Now Windows is running it without any help from Logitech. The only thing I'm missing is the on screen display. All the buttons do what they're supposed to.

Update: I got a gadget that shows my volume level.

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Thanks for all that info, my son inlaw is going to need that when he gets his finished version of Win 7. My logitech device works fine now I have uninstalled Logitech application and left it to windows. Still no joy with the desktop gadgets and I am wondering if the lan settings were currupted in the upgrade, maybe I should delete the connection and go back to the PC and add a new computer using the USB stick method ,still dont know if thats why I dont have administrator permissions but it's probably worth a try.
thanks again

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that really good information works well

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