Windows 7 programs uninstalling randomly


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Feb 11, 2009
I just got home from school and decided to open up one of my programs that i use to record music and its all of a sudden gone and it says the shortcut refers to a file that has been moved or something and so i go to my program files and the folder where it was installed is there but no files are in there, this also happend with wordpad, paint, and a couple of other programs, can anyone tell me what is happening here?
I've had this message before myself.

Just navigate to the install folder, and drag the .exe file to the desktop and choose Create Shortcut. Now drag that shortcut to the Start Menu, locate the folder the shortcut is in and choose move here. If you get a warning message, just disregard it.
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WOW, programs uninstalling themselves.....

Maybe you need a exorsist, sounds like Vodoo magic to me.

Seririously, does anyone else use your computer?

If it happened to Wordpad and Paint, there is no way to get those programs back unless you re-install Windows 7

No, no one else uses my computer, and that's what makes me really mad is that I'd have to reinstall windows to get those back since I don't have any other programs to I'm thinking about reinstalling XP and waiting for Windows 7 to be actually released since I need to use my PC to write essays and record music.
Try to be a little patient and let some others reply to your post.

I've never heard of this happening as long as I've been posting here.

yeah I am going to have to wait till the weekend to reinstall XP, but im not getting rid of 7 I'm gonna reinstall XP on a seperate partition.
If you leave W7 on the drive and install XP to a separate partition on the same drive you may lose the ability to boot into W7, because XP will replace the boot manager and it may not correctly see W7.

If you install it to a different drive, you may be better off disconnecting the W7 drive before you start the XP install.
Then you would just have to change the boot order in the BIOS to go to either OS, and you wouldn't have boot manager problems in either.

i have paragon partition manager which has a custom boot screen where you can choose the partition of the os you want to startup so it should be fine, i just need to get a external hd to backup my files first.
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