Proof they landed on the moon?

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by kemical, Sep 23, 2014.

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    2014 technology finally gives us the answer to 'Did they actually go to the moon'?
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    People can't believe we landed on the moon because our space program has gone down the toilet and has been reduced to sending unmanned probes everywhere :\ imo
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    While giving all credit to kemical, I must say I don't really give a beep about whether men landed on the moon or not. Had the energy and manpower used in WW I and WW II been used to good of mankind, famine would have been out by now. Myself, I'm a starer at the stars, I believe there are other lifeforms elsewhere, but I still think my neighbor is my nearest.

    I applaud the guys who did the video and the work. It all reminds me of a situation where, can't remember who, a Zeppelin was introduced; the American President was confronted by an elderly woman who asked, Mr. President, it's fine, but of what use is it? The President answered, Dear Ma'm, of what use is a newborn child?

    My sincere cheers to all of you. Not asking is the true way to folly.
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