Protect yourself from online scams and credit card theft.


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Many of you already do this, but I thought I'd throw this out for people who may not have thought of it.

We have a separate credit card for online usage.

The card has only a $1,000 limit and is used exclusively online with places I order things from who don't use Paypal, like Amazon etc. we use our regular card for everything else.

Since I usually have some balance on it the amount that anyone could scam is pretty limited except at the start of the month.

Now I have to confess that I've had my credit card charged for bogus claims twice, and both times it was on our regular card not our online card.

But it still makes me feel better knowing that no one online can hack my card and run up $10,000 in charges.

In both cases when my card was stolen the credit card company called us and asked if the charges were legitimate and gave us credit for the charges so it didn't cost up anything.



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I do the same Mike. I have 2 credit cards.. An Amex and a local bank VISA card. For better security, only 1 of my cards is my primary and my other card is a secondary card under my wife's account. And I also gave my wife a secondary card under my account. One has lower credit limit which we both use for online transactions. Although the credit card company keeps calling us for pre-approved higher limit adjustment for that smaller limit credit card, we just keep declining.

I remember one time when my wife and I moved to a new place, we bought a lot of stuffs for the house within a short period of time and the credit card company called us just to make sure that we are the ones who made those purchases. The same thing when we went out of the country, the credit card company also alerted us of purchases we made while on a trip.

I haven't had bad experiences with card theft or scams (knock on wood).


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You can't be too, safe.

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