COMEDY Protest song - the prototype


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This is an old, ancient from 1960's, showing a simple protest by a simple man, against a world that is totally against him. Translation is freely mine.

Yes well it's the way
that there's a lot wrong and boring in this country
You don't even need to ask your pals about it
Just take a slight look around
All sorts of schmucks think they are everything
But they are only some bamps
We've had Cudgel Wars earlier too
But the club would have some work
And it would be great to have my missus some work
Not so important about myself [I feel fine]

This country has such bad wages
That hunger is our constant friend
But thirst hasn't still hit us
One and another has still experienced and seen this and that
It may be that we will travel abroad one day
So no use to jump on our sight

Singer: Simo Salminen, part of Spede Pasanen group.
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