Proxy Server


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I don't know what happened but today when I tried to enter IE I received this message:

The proxy server isn't responding

  • Check your proxy settings. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections. If you are on a LAN, click "LAN settings".
  • Make sure your firewall settings aren't blocking your web access.
  • Ask your system administrator for help.
I never set up a proxy server.

If I go to LAN and remove the block with a check beside the proxy sever IE starts, however, if I log off and try to reenter the proxy server box has a check mark.

How can I fix this



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Yes I updated to Adobe Reader 11.4
Try this:

On start menu, type "msconfig"
on Startup tab check if you can find an entry "sysTPL.exe" and disable it.
on Services tab check if you can find "sysTPLService.exe" and "sysTPLMonitor.exe" and disable them. Then restart your PC.

If you can't find them, just restore back your PC to the state before you did the update. Something else got installed in your PC without your knowledge.