Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

JohnJ, wich build are u using?

I noticed that there were some new updates for pb, but still doesn't work. Using W7 7600 :(


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Can't say I've tried COD yet but all my other punkbuster games ran fine once I had ran the manual updater from Pbsetup.exe

pb works just fine with the RTM version in cod w@w

Anyone knows if cod uo works with the rtm? I would be very happy for some help here since every build ive tried so far has given me the "unknown windows api 131131 kick-error". It feels like ive tried everything yet if it works with the rtm im getting it.

farcry2 get problems online

hi eveybody

I got the same problems with w7 + farcry2 , but only in ranked game, the other works fine

I did all the update , but so far NADA


Hi all, just my tuppence worth, been havin major strop with pb kicking me in cod5 but (by mistake) found the cause, i was getting all, api, disallowed driver etc but when i knocked of D£D overidr - which i use to force v sync on sone games- happy bunnies 4hr online and various servers, hope this may be of use gg.

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