Question about entries in registry


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I don't usually mess with the registry but occasionally manually edit to make small changes. Anyhow, I was doing a search for a particular key and I came across what appears to be references to drives and folders/files that do not exist on my computer. There are a lot of them actually spread out over several places. The first appear in this location:

in it are binary values like this:

This is a fairly new install of 7 Pro g4 and I have checked my system thoroughly and cannot find anything suspicious. Are these normal entries? I couldn't find anything about these weird files or locations anywhere.


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Ok, figured this out. No issues here. Did not know about the simple encryption method being used. So:


deciphers to:


A game my kid plays on my system from time to time.

I don't recall ever seeing these types of entries before but the registry is pretty large and filled with all kinds of stuff.


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Yup they use ROT 13 for these values.

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