Question about Playlists, and why I hate the way MS does things!


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I'm still messing around with trying to get Cortana to play my music.
I think it's like the map location thing, she doesn't get the info from Windows 10 about where the music is.

So I started all over.
I removed everything from my default music folder, except my iTunes folder.

I created a Playlists folder and I placed another folder in the default Music folder, named Music Files, with some MP3 files in it, to use as a source.

Then I opened Grove Music to create a playlist in the default folder.

I don't normally use Groove Music Player, I've used WinAmp for as long as I can remember, but I decided it may work better if I stick with all Microsoft stuff until I get this working.

Ok, I'm ready to go, I did research on how to set up playlists in Groove so this shouldn't be hard.

So step one, I open Groove and find the create new Playlist link and I create a Playlist named "Cortana".

So far so good!

Now I wonder where it created the Cortana playlist, there is no information about where the playlist is though I know that a playlist is a real file someplace, but it didn't add it to my Music Playlist Folder.

But now it's time to put music in my playlist and I should be good to go.

I click a link to Change where we Look, and inside that one for "Music on this PC and it asks, where should we look for music again.

So I tell it to look in the Music Files Folder which is inside the Default Music Folder.

Later I removed the Playlists Folder from this selection and added several other folders that have MP3 files in them, all with the same result.

That gets me back to this point...again!

Ok, How?

None of the stuff on the page like "Add Songs" is clickable, and the only option you get from clicking on More is Delete.

There is no interface to import the music files, you can not drag files to the Cortana playlist.
It doesn't ask me if I want to add files from the location that I specified as the source of my music.

Why do they have to do this?

Why not have an Add Music button that takes you to a normal interface for adding files like any other program?

Better yet why can't you just drag or copy and paste the files into the playlist?

I remember doing this in Media Player and it had just about the same amount of clarity.

Why make something that should be obvious to even a newb, so difficult that someone who's been using computers for over 25 years can't find it.

By the way I did have a Cortana Playlist that I created last year in Media Player, I tried to open it in Groove and it said that it couldn't read it, however I can open it with WinAmp.

There's a post at Microsoft about the "Cortana won't play my music" thing that goes back a year that people are still adding to it, but what I'm doing is supposed to be the solution according to MS.

I had their instructions as to how to do this open while working on this, but at this point they never explain how to get the music files into the playlist. Note that there is no import playlist option either?

Let me add that at this point I can find no indication that Groove has any idea where any of my music is at. I can find no way to play music in any of the folders that I've told it to look at.

So if anyone knows how to create a playlist in Groove that has music files in it, please let me know.


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I finally got a Playlist created in Groove Music.
I found a post in a forum on the Microsoft site that suggested deleting the Database Folder.

After doing that and restarting Groove it finally recognised my music files at least the ones on my C:\ drive.

I created a Playlist named Cortana, but I have no idea where it gets saved to by Groove.
Why do they make all these apps so impenetrable?

It used be that it was obvious where programs saved things, now you can't even ask.
I looked online and found no responses for "Where does Groove save Playlist Files".

Unfortunately that didn't help with Cortana, she still doesn't know where my music files are apparently.
She still says "Something went wrong, try again in a little bit".

I hate to be defeated by this but I haven't found anyway to fix this, and as far as I can see none of the other people who are having this problem are either.


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