Insider Preview Question: Is Device Stage compatible with standard RS232 Serial Devices?

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Here's the thing: I have a two InterAct DexDrive's (one PlayStation, the other Nintendo 64). I have two PC's (one connected to the PlayStation DexDrive on COM1, the other connected to the Nintendo 64 DexDrive on COM1), both using ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS motherboards. They both hook up to my PC's via standard RS232 9-pin serial-based connections built into the ASUS motherboards.

I thought to pay a programmer on Fiverr to build a Device Stage compatible driver For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 for these devices. However no one has accepted the task.

The lack of response begs the question: Is Device Stage even compatible with any standard RS232 serial-based devices, if so why weren't these devices supported back when Windows 7 was first released (at that point they were over 11 years old, already!)?
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At this point and with the age of the devices in question it's probably not going to happen. Most gamers use a NAS setup of some kind for game play and game data storage which is connected directly to there home network.


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Another kind-of, sort-of parth is to install vmware... this makes your windows 8.1 into 7 or xp (whatever is needed) and allows you to play all your old games on the same platform, without needing programers to re-invent the wheel for you.

Back to windows 10, there is talk of making x-box and pc (windows store games) able to play each other... imo that has some legs.